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FABRINOR is a manufacturer of aerosols, cleaning products, hygiene and maintenance.


FABRINOR has a main activity specific search solutions creations formulations, to develop products tailored to meet the demands and problems faced by new or users or professional applicators.


The company has several laboratories whose graduates perform research and development of products or techniques to provide answers to specific problems occurring in industry, large communities, food, agriculture and environment. FABRINOR does not realize preparations or series of products for the public or supermarkets.


FABRINOR invested equipped laboratories and trained research staff in the following main areas : CHEMISTRY - BIOLOGY - ENVIRONMENT - PROTECTION OF SURFACES - HYGIENE.


Achievements created are distributed on the territory of France, but also in tropical countries, Antilles, French Guiana, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Réunion and also Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Middle East, Asia and Russia.


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Wholesalers, Distributors of chemicals, technical, hygiene, treatment, maintenance?


We offer packaging of liquid products or specific powder or aerosol, which will be customized to your brand through our "studio DTP"

and workshops screen printing or labeling.

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